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Chambal Expedition

Chambal Expedition 07 November, 2011

 MP Ecotourism Development Board has organised river expedition in Chambal so that tourists can enjoy the landscape beauty and see various species of aquatic animals found in  Chambal River.

During Expedition tourists will get chance to know about the Cultural, archaeological, historic and religious sites situated on both sides of river like between Pali to Barhi.

Tourists will also take part in various water sport activities like  boating, rafting, camping, bird  watching, Photography, videography along  with visit to interpretation centre of National Chambal Ghariyal Sanctuary established.

They can also take part in discussions with wildlife experts and attend  workshop  thro’ which they will gain valuable information regarding environment and wildlife.

International Chambal Expedition - 2011 (click for more details)


Source: MP Ecotourism Development Board site



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